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Are you ready to embark on your next adventure? At My RV Wheeltor, we are your go-to RV motorhome dealer, offering an extensive selection of the latest and greatest motorized RVs for sale. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or a newbie to the RV lifestyle, we have the perfect recreational vehicle to meet your needs.

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Class A Motorhomes: Unparalleled Luxury

Our Class A motorhomes are the epitome of luxury on wheels. These spacious and opulent RVs offer a home away from home with their lavish interiors and top-of-the-line amenities. From fully equipped kitchens to king-size beds and modern entertainment systems, our Class A motorhomes provide the ultimate in comfort and style.

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Class B Vans: Compact Adventure

If you're all about hitting the open road with minimal fuss, our Class B vans are the way to go. These compact motorhomes are easy to drive, park, and maneuver, making them ideal for spontaneous getaways. Despite their size, Class B vans are equipped with all the essentials for a comfortable journey.

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Class C Motorhomes: Versatility and Convenience

For those seeking a versatile and compact option, our Class C motorhomes are a fantastic choice. These motorized RVs are known for their maneuverability and ease of driving while still providing ample living space. Perfect for families, couples, or solo travelers, Class C motorhomes offer a well-balanced blend of comfort and convenience.

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Class B Plus: The Best of Both Worlds

Class B Plus motorhomes offer a unique combination of space and versatility. Slightly larger than traditional Class B vans, they provide extra room without sacrificing maneuverability. With a Class B Plus RV, you'll enjoy a comfortable living area and the freedom to explore the great outdoors.



Super C Motorhomes: Power and Performance

For those who crave power and performance, our Super C motorhomes are the ultimate choice. Built on heavy-duty truck chassis, these motorized RVs are designed to conquer any terrain with ease. Super C motorhomes offer unparalleled towing capacity and impressive off-road capabilities, making them perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.


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